2D Zoo Quilt

I made this quilt recently for my friend’s new baby. I bought the fat quarter set with the intention of making a baby quilt some time ago because I really love the Alexander Henry 2d Zoo print in the primary colourway and thought the coordinating fabrics were a great match.

I backed it with a piece of linen cotton I bought from Namolio on Etsy ages ago (I think at least 6 years!). It has a lovely wobbly red stripe across the back which matched beautifully with the red on the front. I also tried the Cluck Cluck Sew machine binding method to save some time and was pleasantly surprised by how neat and quick it was! I think I will use this technique on my huge Patchwork Prism quilt which I was not looking forward to binding!

I gave the quilt with a pair of little trousers I made using the pattern from Handmade Beginnings.


I have since had a couple of requests for similar quilts but there is no 2D Zoo in the primary available in the UK! I enjoyed using my stash as a resource to make a practical and well received gift.



We’ve just returned from our first ever camping trip! We went to The Secret Campsite, a beautiful site in Sussex. The owner, Tim, has done a fantastic job at making the site feel private, with  wildflowers and grass allowed to grow tall between each pitch. Although the campsite was fully booked, from our tent we couldn’t see anyone at all.

I did go a bit overboard with trip planning considering it was just for 2 nights, but having all the right equipment and preparing food in advance definitely helped to make things go smoothly. I did manage to forget to take a sharp knife though, so we ended up slicing bread etc with a very blunt plastic knife!


I also decided we absolutely needed some bunting and a picnic mat, so managed to make these in 3 days before the trip. The picnic mat was made mostly with Anna Maria Horner’s Good Folks fabrics and a laminated cotton backing (Summer Totem from Loulouthi collection). It measured approx 55″ square. Due to lack of time, I didn’t bind the edges or quilt it but might tie the quilt when I get the chance. I also made bunting using the same fabric. The 2 2.5m bunting garlands went round the living area of the tent nicely.


The weather was great when we arrived but we woke up to pouring rain and fairly strong winds on Saturday which left us feeling a bit apprehensive about the rest of the trip, however it cleared up enough for us to take a long walk down a disused railway path where we saw rabbits, frogs, bright blue dragonflies and a field of cows.

Unfortunately I didn’t take my SLR to save space but think I will take it next time as the scenery was so beautiful. I’m already planning our next trip!

HST Mini Quilt and LMQG May Meeting

We had our May LMQG  meeting today, and our ‘Show and Tell’ homework was to prepare our mini quilts on the theme of modern quilting, with the opportunity to exhibit at John Lewis in Oxford Street for the 12 favourites as voted by members.

I had the idea of using my Little Folks voile and Kona coal to make a half square triangle quilt. I once bought a whole pile of precut squares but unfortunately they were not cut accurately so they were no use for a charm square quilt which is what I had originally planned (fortunately the seller refunded me).  I love some of the HST mini quilts I’ve seen on Flickr and recently read about this technique which I used to make the quilt. I decided to iron the triangles instead of marking the diagonal lines, as it was faster and more accurate for me.  The finished squares were a bit smaller than expected so I ended up making 64 squares to create this 12×12″ mini quilt.

The finished mini quilt. I originally planned to quilt the horizontal lines too but undid all the stitches as I felt the diagonals looked better.

Michael has some convenient hooks in his shop the perfect size for hanging mini quilts, so I tested the effect!

Tricolette is full of wonderful yarn as well as fabric, I have my eye on the Rowan Fine Lace. I just ended up with a few purple and orange fat quarters for my Patchwork Prism quilt. 

We also had a haberdashery swap and I ended up with a lovely selection of buttons, bobble trim (which I LOVE!) and some fabric.

Just a quick reminder about the LMQG giveawayGlenroy Designs are giving away some beautiful Laura Gunn fabric and there is just time to enter still!

2d Zoo Quilt

I bought a 2d Zoo fat quarter bundle from Fabricworm 2 or 3 years ago intending to make it into a quilt for my son. I’ve finally managed to get it done! I used this tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew and followed it exactly as suggested.


I added some pieced squares at the back to cheer it up and break up the solid brown.


I quilted it in the ditch and finished with some of the Ginger Blossom Tortoise Plaid binding. I decided to machine stitch the binding to make it a bit more sturdy. I thought I would hate the look of machine binding but it looks fairly neat and as I used a brown thread it barely shows at the back. It’s a bit darker in real life.  (Apologies for the wrinkliness in this shot!)

The colour combination is quite grown up, which is just as well as Suhayb turns FOUR in just a few months! He is sublimely indifferent to his new blanket, being far more interested in Lightning McQueen.

The 2d Zoo is also available in a colourful version called Primary.  I think it would make a great focus for a log cabin baby blanket.

I love finishing a quilt because it means I can move on to the next project! I currently have two other WIPs – a Wonderland quilt started rather a long time ago (10 blocks done), and a Lemon Squares quilt which I’ve just started (4 blocks done).  I also need to get on with my LMQG block – so much to do!


London Modern Quilt Guild :: April Meeting

I recently found out about the London Modern Quilt Guild – I had looked for something similar a year or two ago when the original MQG was set up, but there wasn’t anything UK-based at the time. So I was really excited about joining when I found out about the group, which first met in January this year.

The challenge for this month was to make a wonky block – and this is my contribution – lots of bright cheerful colours! It was really nice to see everyone’s versions – as well as their WIPs – it was inspiring.

Aneela Hoey also came as a surprise guest – I enjoyed learning more about the design process and the challenges of quilting in a family home. I’m also now tempted to go and get some of her ‘A Walk in the Woods’ and ‘Little Apples’ collections, so cute 🙂

A burger from B98 made a perfect (albeit delayed!) lunch and then there was just time for some paper piecing from Danielle and a browse in Tricolette before it was time to go home.

In other news, my Tova is coming along very nicely, and should be finished soon. The Nani iro fabric is beautiful and soft, perfect for summer.

Quilt Top done!

I finished the top to my Little Folks quilt yesterday. I can’t finish it yet because I don’t have the right size batting unfortunately! I’m really happy with the colour combination – lots of yellow, pink and a dash of sky blue! I was a bit nervous about mixing up the different palettes but I think it worked out well. As Suhayb (my son) says: “It’s colours!”

I was inspired by this and this. I wanted to use the beautiful dobby voile square panels along with what I had bought of the collection, and found the small squares measured 6.5″ exactly. So I cut 80 squares in that size using 15 or so fabrics and then chain-pieced them in pairs. After that I laid them out until I was happy with the arrangement and then pieced the top.

I’m going to bind it in the pale blue solid voile and the yellow diamond mine – although I’m not sure if it might be a bit extravagant. The fabric is not cheap but it is beautiful – the nicest cotton I have ever seen and perfect for clothes. I don’t even want to tot up how much I’ve spent on it so far!

More granny squares

I am surprising myself with how quickly I am churning out these granny squares! Well, I have four and a half already, despite being on call the entire weekend and far too tired to do anything other than brush my teeth and fall into bed! I had today off, so got a chance to do some more. They are so pretty!

I’ve been trying to do a production line of sorts as I keep forgetting how to do  the bobble stitch.

I’m aiming to do six squares a week, which means it will take me four months or so to complete. Which sounds like ages, but is a vast improvement on the ripple blanket, which is still nowhere near getting done, mostly because I hid it in my Moroccan leather pouffe for months!