Bint Khuwaylid Ramadan decorations

I feel really fortunate to have been asked to review some Ramadan decorations from Bint Khuwaylid recently. When I was initially approached, I was very happy to get the chance to try the products and was expecting a few of the beautiful decorations in a small package. The items were shipped from Denmark and arrived quickly. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a beautiful wooden box filled with goodies.

This is a lovely quality item to store the decorations or other special items in. It would make a lovely jewellery box too.

I asked the designer about her motivation for creating her products. She said the following:
“My husband, kids and I moved to Jordan for full time *slamic studies 5 years ago. When we got here I expected to find nice decorations for Ramadan and Eid, but I didn’t find much here which I liked,  so I decided to make my own. I wanted to combine the islamic patterns with the concept of ‘hygge’ which I grew up with in Denmark. We are here in Jordan on a tight budget so its also a very slowly growing idea. the idea was make it easy for muslim families to make traditions during Islamic holidays with the children, and decorating is just one way to do this.
“I know from myself with 3 small children tHat some years are just super busy, so this concept of decor is to re use it year after year. Combine it with disposables and DIY creations, and then put it into that special box which is pulled out year after year. Decorating is just one way to make Ramadan and eid fun and special for children. Here in Jordan the children feel Ramadan and Eid very much, and everyone decorate with lights, but back in Denmark where the days was long and nights short I missed a way to involve the children.”

I love the concept of having reusable decorations which can be used year after year. I also really identified with the problem of Ramadan not feeling as special as, for example, Christmas.

Each of the types of decoration came packaged professionally in its own box or plastic bag.

The wooden decorations are made of laser cut birch plywood. In this picture we have some of the larger Meknes  and Meknes gold decorations, as well as Fez and Alhambra string decorations 

The string decorations are supplied with some rustic twine which suits the bare plywood perfectly for a minimalist look. You could also use any other suitable string.

These decorations can be used in various ways, as table or wall decorations.

In the picture above, I used neon pink string to add a bit of colour. You could also paint the ornaments, as a nice warm up activity for Ramadan for the children.

The metal piece at the bottom right corner is one of my favourite items. It has a shiny silver finish (not obvious here but you can also see it in the picture below.

I used them for a brunch a few weeks ago and they definitely brightened up the table!

As it’s getting close to Ramadan, I decided to take some new photos of my Ramadan calendar. It’s five years since I made this! The tutorial is available here

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