Serendipity Baby Coat

ImageI decided to get ahead this year and make a winter coat for my daughter now rather than running out of time and buying one at the last minute! I bought this beautiful Anna Maria Horner Velveteen last year with the intention of making a baby coat, but didn’t have a pattern. I found the Serendipity Coat pattern by Make it Perfect which looked like a great match, and then discovered that Gail at Probably Actually had made a gorgeous one in this fabric already!


The coat pattern was more straightforward than it looks, you basically cut out every piece in the lining fabric, main fabric and wadding and then tack the wadding to the main fabric. You then sew the lining and main fabrics to make two separate ‘coats’ and then sew together and turn inside out at the last minute. Unfortunately my ‘voila’ moment didn’t quite work out as the sleeves ended up sewn together incorrectly somehow! I managed to fix it by unpicking the sleeves and then sewing the lining and main fabric together from the outside instead. 


I made a size 2 with size 3 sleeves, after reading Gail’s blog as well as other reviews suggesting the sleeves come out a tad tight. The velveteen definitely makes things more snug but as she will only be around 9-12 months this winter it should fit ok. It looks huge at the moment but she has still worn it a couple of times. 

The buttons were from Ebay and are a perfect match. I decided to go slightly smaller than recommended (30mm instead of 35mm) which works well with the size of the coat. 


She’s a bit young to appreciate the pockets but it was a useful new skill to learn and not difficult at all. The pattern instructions were very clear and easy to follow. 


I am now working on some other clothes which are more in keeping with the season! It’s good to have a head start though 🙂


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