Kids Clothes Week : Star Pyjamas


I finished these this morning – another quick and easy project. These are the pyjama bottoms from Sewing for Boys. I made them before and I love the fact they have extra length in the hem – my son is still wearing the ones I made a year ago! The flannel fabric really stands up well to repeated washing. 


We just had time for a couple of quick snaps before school – these were taken before folding the hem. The pattern says to use bar tacks but I find it neater to just hand sew the inside of the hem after folding. I also used my overlocker to finish the edges then sewed 1/4″ either side of the seam to make a more durable hem. 


One thought on “Kids Clothes Week : Star Pyjamas

  1. Cute! They look very comfortable, too. And this reminded me that I actually have some of that fabric stashed away, bought last year with pajama pants in mind.

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