I finished this beautiful shawl on Friday. The pattern is Henslowe by Beth Kling, who is clearly a genius. A simple, modern, reversible pattern that only takes one skein of fingering.

The shape forms a long shallow crescent, which is very easy to wear in several ways. I like that it stays on my shoulders and doesn’t fal off. The yarn is Woolen Rabbit Airy, which is a single ply fingering weight merino.

I had a panic as I realised the yardage is 20 yards less than the recommended Lioness Arts BFL Sock, and I had used a larger needle than suggested (4mm). I had also managed to get the yarn into an almighty tangle, which took me the best part of a day to sort out, resulting in several small, slightly ratty balls of yarn.  I got away with it, with a bit to spare .

All in all, an easy and enjoyable knit, and I love the results!


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