Linen shorts

I have been meaning to make something from the lovely linen I have for sale in my shop for ages, but its been such a hit that it’s in danger of being sold out before I can get to it! So today, I decided to use some to make a pair of coordinating baby shorts to the top I posted about last week.

I had a bit of a problem with the turn-ups – it turns out that you can’t actually sew them from the inside and then flip them the right way round which is what I had planned. After racking my brains for ages I decided to turn the hem in and sew over the top, and then turn up the bottoms. The linen is simply beautiful – smooth, drapey, light and just the right natural colour. The voile is also great for lining – it hardly adds any weight but provides a touch more structure.

I gave away the top to a friend with a baby the right age, who I was visiting for the first time, so will have to make another one to make the set complete!

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