More work

I’ve done a bit more on my quilt, but as it was the first major thing I had ever quilted, I was terrified of it being full of wrinkles, and put off basting it. This is more the case with the Little Folks voile, as its so light and delicate, it doesn’t really like to stay put!

I quilted 1/8″ to the side of each square and along the bottom edges. I might also do the other side and top of each square, but then again it may not add a lot to the finished look.

I’ve also been trying to brighten up the kitchen a bit of late, and found this lovely Anthropologie tablecloth on sale at the Regent Street shop. It really brightens the place up! My sister got me the lovely tulips – nearly a week and still going strong!

Lastly, I have got back on with some knitting, and have finally started my Feb Lady Sweater (I think there are 8400 of them on Ravelry!). I have also had a binge in the Flamboyance Yarns which I can highly recommend – gorgeous hand dyed yarn, which seems to be great quality. Quite similar to some of the Hedgehog Fibres‘ and Posh Yarn stuff, but that always seems to sell out before I get to the sale!

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