Can’t wait for

Some quiet time to sew and knit! Hard to find the time with a little one and a nearly full time job. I have half of a pair of curtains up at the moment, and a baby jumper with just the ends to sew in and a zip to put in. I finally made my Upcycle Xmas entry, which is here.

I made it using a green cord skirt, a soft jersey patchwork type t-shirt and a yellow T-shirt with a great comic style print on the front (which I am still working out how to use).

I’m looking forward to the auction – it’s a really interesting way of involving charities and getting everyone to do something generous and worthwhile. I found that it tested my creative skills quite a lot as when I first went into the Sue Ryder shop I couldn’t see anything I liked! But I’m pleased I managed to make something with what I found.

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