Kid’s Clothes Week Plans

Thanks to Bloglovin, I am managing to stay more up to date with my favourite blogs and am more ‘in the loop’ with the group challenges and sew-alongs. I’m really looking forward to this year’s Kid’s Clothes Week, starting April 22nd. It looks like it will be bigger than ever, with 150+ bloggers signed up already! 

I already have a lot of plans to make things for my children, but here are a few notes to start with: 

1) Classic Boy’s Summer Shirt in Ed Emberley lions and tigers print for my son. I love this striking print and think it would look great as a shirt. 


2) Ice cream top in Nani Iro Little Letters gauze 



3) Geranium dress using this gorgeous hand blocked print from Lulu and Nat 



4) A baby skirt in Liberty Pepper with a neon trim. I bought this fabric from the Fabrics Galore stall at the Spring Knitting and Stitch Show. I’m also planning a Wiksten Tank for myself in this as well. 


I have so many more plans but don’t want to get carried away! I’ll have to make sure I keep my diary free so I have plenty of time for sewing. 

Tova Finished

I finished my Tova and am really pleased with it! The fabric is a beautiful double gauze called Fuccra from the 2010 Nani Iro collection .  The fabric is very soft and lightweight, perfect for summer. The weather today is dull and miserable, so I have done my best with indoor photos.

(I probably shouldn’t admit this, but the yoke and body matching is entirely accidental. I was really lucky!)

I also love how all the little pops of colour in this make it very versatile to match with other items I already have.  I made the small size, which fits very well but if I make it again I would add an inch or two more in the hip area as I like my dresses a bit looser and also maybe a couple of inchest to make it longer. The pattern was very easy to print and cut out once I’d worked out how to lay out the pieces. The instructions are also very clear, but the instructions that Kerry (over at Verykerryberry) put together as part of the Tova-along are superb and make it the perfect project for someone wanting to develop their dressmaking skills. The only problem I had was that the collar pieces were a bit narrow so it was a bit hard to ease it all together without forming pleats, but it was accomplished after a bit of unpicking. Next time I would probably make the pieces a bit wider. The fabric does fray quite easily so I didn’t want to keep redoing my sewing.

The back:

This is how I will typically wear my Tova:

I’m planning a couple of other Tova dresses, one in a beautiful sky blue ramie blend fabric and I also love this Tova in Innocent Crush voile, which I have in my stash ready to turn into a top.

I also have my eye on the Wiksten tank now – there are so many amazing versions in the Flickr pool!

Thanks to Kerry for the sew-along, it gave me the boost to get this done, and am so pleased to have taken part!