First FO 2010

Made this little jacket for my niece:

It is from the Little Sublime Handknit book (or something) and it’s made of their gorgeous but wordily named Cashmere Merino Silk DK. The yarn is beautiful, comes in lovely muted colours and so far seems to wear quite well without going all pill-y in about twenty seconds.

I am especially proud of my collar finishing, and the vintage buttons I used (from my Rochester stash):

The pattern is very sweet and old-fashioned, but practical. The moss stitch, although a pain to do, looks beautiful, and cos its only on the yoke, doesn’t take as long as you’d think.  I’m not sure I’ll be rushing to do this one again though, unless it’s a special baby, as the finishing is a killer!


So I finished nights yesterday morning (amazingly got to sleep most of the night too) so I decided to make a little something for my cousin’s new baby daughter. First up is a pair of faux suede Mary Janes – made from some Designers Guild fabric I picked up to make cushions ages ago:

I have to say, these were not much fun to make. I found the pattern a bit frustrating and fiddly, which is not good when you’re a bit sleep-deprived. There’s also the stress of making sure both look nearly exactly the same. The fabric is beautiful though and the red is a perfect, pillar box red. The straps are made from linen bias binding which you can find here.

I lined the shoes in the same Heather Bailey fabric I used for the dress:

I edged the dress in the linen bias binding too. Now I need to find some pretty buttons!