Alternative Gift Guide for Peace

For the past 40 days, many of us have been following the bombing campaign on Gaza that have left more than 11000 civilians dead following the Hamas attacks on October 7th. While we mourn all civilian loss of life in Israel and Palestine, the collective punishment of civilians in Gaza is a war crime which has caused immense loss of life and suffering, with an ongoing and entirely avoidable humanitarian crisis due to the lack of fuel, electricity, food and water imposed by the Israeli government. UN experts have called on the international community to prevent genocide against the Palestinian people.

While we navigate this extremely dark chapter in modern history, many of us have been left heartbroken at the devastation and extreme hardship that is being endured in Gaza. It has been a comfort to see the solidarity of people from all walks of life, galvanising support at protests and on social media. It’s been especially heartwarming to see many small businesses speak out in support of a ceasefire, which is so desperately needed at the moment. With this in mind, this is an alternative gift guide to celebrate all those who stand for peace and have publicly called for ceasefire. It’s no surprise that many of these are ethical and sustainable brands who understand the importance of our collective humanity, stewardship of the environment and seeing the world through a critical lens.

I’ve chosen pieces that I especially loved but all of these shops have gifts for different price ranges so its worth having a browse! Please bear in mind this is not an exhaustive list and that the best way to show support is to continue to educate ourselves, lift Palestinian voices and raise awareness of what is happening.


  1. Beldi Maison Zaytoun Olive oil and Tree for Life Gift set
  2. Oshana Donya Hand Embroidered Cushion
  3. Cedar Lifestyle Hay + Honey Scented Candle
  4. The Country Crib Studio Hori Hori Gift Set
  5. The Basket Room Hoja Striped Woven Storage Basket
  6. Spindle By Sisters Ananya Pink Kantha Quilt
  7. Antipodream Pencil Linen pillowcase
  8. Bohemia Design Handpainted Babouche Slippers
  9. Native Threads Palestinian Jaffas Print
  10. Rosanna Morris Dove Linocut Print
  11. I Like Cats 2024 Calendar
  12. Hey I’m Sakina Together Print
  13. We Grow Colour Dried Bouquet
  14. Mr Studio Pressed Flower Printed Greeting Card
  15. Tuck It In Moon Calendar
  16. Ummi Makes Rugs Tufted Mirror

Also see Rumbelow Rooms – antique and vintage homeware

La Grosse Toile – beautiful antique French linens

Rosanna Morris lists lots of print makers in her fundraiser here

See tag #pottersforpalestine for Ceramics and Potmakers in support of Palestine

See tag #photographersforpeace, a united group of worldwide photographers calling for ceasefire

Palestine Art Relief fundraiser (now ended) listing lots of artists in support of Palestine


  1. Omi Na Na Brahma Bag
  2. Gather and See Valentina Dress Blue
  3. Lowie Fair Isle Vest
  4. Humphries and Begg Long Quilted Coat
  5. The Mercantile Eribe Open Mitt Gloves
  6. Cult of Youth Crystal Stars and Opalite earrings
  7. Mille Saisons Silk Astrid Scrunchie
  8. Wolf and Moon Pastry set
  9. Nol Collective Vintage Chevrolet Tee
  10. Mandela Hirbawi Kufiya from Hadeel
  11. Canava Handmade Tamara Clutch
  12. Nol Collective Skirt set
  13. Ray Makes Things Pearl Gaia Necklace
  14. Wear the Peace Growth Crewneck Sweatshirt
  15. The Olio Stories Rangeela Ring
  16. The Emperor’s Old Clothes Design Your Own Dungarees

Craft Supplies

  1. Tatreez and Tea Palestinian Printable Bir Saba Handkerchief pattern
  2. Rowan Lane Fibres Juicy Mohair Minis Set
  3. Catkin and Scraps Making Backpack Kit
  4. Pigeon Wishes Bloom Button Set
  5. Made My Wardrobe Bonnie Jacket Printed Pattern
  6. Fruitful Fusion Custard Delight Mohair Yarn
  7. Elliott and May Oatmeal Merino Wool DK
  8. Joanna Paige Another Floral Dress Labels
  9. Portia Lawrie The Re:Fashion Wardrobe
  10. Great Heron Thread Co Strawberry Punch Needle Kit
  11. Shakalaka Patterns Baby and Girl Pinafore Dress
  12. Folk Glory Palestine Ramallah Craft Kit
  13. The Woolly Tangle Waxed Cotton Project Bag
  14. Mother of Purl Vinea Digital Knitting Pattern
  15. Signed copy Macrame for the Modern Home
  16. PastelPurlStudio Knitting Pattern

Palestinian Owned Brands

  1. Hirbawi – the last remaining Kufiya Factory in Palestine, based in Hebron
  2. Handmade Palestine Ramallah based shop selling clothes, accessories and homeware
  3. Nol Collective – Ramallah based sustainable fashion brand
  4. Dar Collective – US based cultural merchandise
  5. Edinburgh based Fair Trade Palestinian goods, owned by Palcrafts charity

If you know of more Palestinian owned brands, please share and I will update the list.


  1. Monty and Co Dungarees
  2. Oliver Jeffers What We’ll Build Picture Book
  3. Bediddy Fruit Fun Pull back Cars
  4. Ombaby Balloon Cords
  5. Charnwood’s Child Curiosity Corner Stamps
  6. Fable Heart Starlight Cape
  7. Acorn and Pip Brume the Rabbit Money Box
  8. Tia Cibani Ruffle Sweatshirt

Wonderbooks Subscription from Save the Children teach children about the lives of children in other countries in an age appropriate way, includes a grown up’s guide and activities.


  1. Palestine on a Plate by Joudie Kalla
  2. Rifqa by Mohammed El Kurd
  3. Wild Thorns by Sahar Khalifeh
  4. The Palestinian Table by Reem Kassis
  5. Minor Detail by Adania Shibli
  6. Against the Loveless World by Susan Abulhawa
  7. Men In The Sun by Ghassan Kanafani
  8. I Shall Not Hate by Izzeldin Abuelaish
  9. War Doctor by David Nott

A Palestine Solidarity Reading List from Verso Books

Lighthouse Bookshop in Edinburgh

If you have found this list useful please share!

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