Cut Couture Hand dyed Blouse Review

I met Sue from Cut Couture at The Stitch Festival earlier in the year and was really interested in her products and ideas. Sue explained that she came up with the idea for her kits based on her years of experience working in the textile industry. She created a product with sustainability in mind, using eco-friendly linen and the latest technology to cut fabric pieces with minimum waste or unnecessary use of dyes. I was provided with a kit for the purpose of this blog review, and there is also an exclusive discount available for my readers at the end of this post.

I can think of many reasons why someone might prefer to use a ready cut kit like this. It would be great for those who have not sewn in a long time and want to refresh their skills, need a quick boost if they have lost their ‘sew-jo’ or want a sustainable sewing project. It could also help someone who has difficulty with cutting out projects due to illness/injury. However, it would not be possible to substantially alter the kit as the pieces are pre-cut.

I chose the Hannah blouse and Plum red dye kit. The kit arrived beautifully packaged in a box with all the supplies inside the kit, including pins, a seam ripper and measuring tape. The instructions are provided in the kit, which were sufficient for me to make my blouse, however a beginner may prefer to use the detailed video instructions available on the website.

I was able to complete my blouse within a couple of hours, and the process felt very relaxing. Cutting is not my favourite task when sewing a garment so it was lovely to be able to dive straight into the sewing! The plain white linen was also very easy to press and sew with.

The finished blouse before dyeing

The blouse came together quickly thanks to the simple design and is beautiful even without being dyed. The linen was initially very crisp but has started to soften already after a couple of washes.

After completing the sewing, I used the provided dye kit to dye the blouse in Plum Red. I used my kitchen sink for the dyeing, and it was very straightforward to do. I also dyed another silk blouse using the same dye bath and tried a tie-dyeing experiment using the spare linen offcuts provided in the kit!

The finished blouse is a soft shade of plum and is a comfortable, easy to wear shape. I made the small-medium size which is for sizes 8-14 approximately. I find the neckline a bit wide for my preference but it is otherwise the perfect length and fit.

Cut Couture have kindly provided an exclusive discount code for a half price dye kit with any garment kit purchase. Use code BB20DYE and the discount will be applied to your order.

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  1. Le Denmat
    October 7, 2020 / 4:26 pm

    Wonderful pictures of your sewing :))
    Thanks for sharing
    I am actually living in France where are you ?? Congratulations on your Instagram account .💋

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