A Beginner’s guide to Knitting for self care

This post was sponsored by Lovecrafts.com . I chose the yarn and knitting pattern myself and was provided with the materials for the purpose of creating this post.

People sometimes ask me when I started knitting. I had always vaguely wanted to learn, but during my medical school finals, I suddenly resolved to teach myself (procrastination, the great motivator!). I can’t remember where I got the wool and needles but I found some video tutorials online and just got started. It was the start of my knitting habit, which has kept me company on countless journeys and quiet evenings, and provided warmth and comfort for my family over the years, in the form of blankets, mittens, hats and jumpers.

Learning to knit has been very rewarding for me personally. The wonderful thing about knitting is that you can make a beautiful piece using the most basic knit stitch, and can gradually add to your skills to make more complex items over time. At its simplest, knitting allows you to switch off your mind and just engage your hands in the rhythmic, relaxing movement of yarn repeated over and over again.

I have always preferred to use natural fibres when knitting, both for how the yarn feels when I’m knitting with it and also its warmth and beauty. I chose the Milla Mia Naturally Soft Superchunky yarn for my project and decided to make the Selma cabled scarf . While this particular project might be a bit challenging for a beginner (although much easier than it looks!) Lovecrafts has many free beginner friendly patterns in its range.

This yarn is very chunky and lusciously soft to knit with. I used 12mm needles for my project, and was amazed to see how quickly the scarf was growing each evening. The pattern was fairly easy to memorise and I only needed to glance at the chart every few rows, so it was easy to make while watching a boxset. Each evening, I’d light a candle or two and settle down with my knitting and tea on the sofa. As the scarf grew, the pile of knitting warmed my lap too which was a nice bonus.

I chose to use pale pink, a warm pale grey and yellow for my scarf and really like the colours together, especially the way the pink and yellow look at each end. I used one ball of yellow, four of the grey and two pink balls for a scarf which is about 9 foot long.

I haven’t had a chunky winter scarf in a while and this one has been just right for the blustery cold weather we’ve had recently. It’s a real joy to be able to wrap up in cosy layers which really keep out the cold and wind.

If you’d like to try knitting for yourself, it’s a great time to try while the nights are long and cold! I had a quick browse of the Lovecrafts free patterns and found a few suggestions I’d recommend for beginners or anyone who wants a relaxing project: The Great Start Super Scarf , Kay’s Tess D’Urbevilles shawl (Little Women inspired!) and The Ade Beanie pattern. You can use the code BRIGHTBLOOMS15 for a 15% discount on all orders of £10 or over.

Thanks to Lovecrafts for sponsoring this post and providing the beautiful materials.

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