Ikatee Jasmin sweater with Pin And Sew


Do you know about the new fabric shop Pin and Sew? It’s very new on the scene but is already very popular as it is a ‘knit fabrics boutique’ which only sells stretch fabrics such as jersey and French terry. Having started sewing with knits in the past year or two, I really appreciate being able to find a beautiful curated selection of knit fabrics rather than having to sift through different types of fabric to find the one I need.

Aga owns Pin and Sew and recently asked me to choose one of her new fabrics to sew with. I was spoilt for choice but settled on this stunning purple French terry with a pretty watercolour style floral print.


I decided to make the Ikatee Jasmin top as I had purchased the pattern last year at a show but hadn’t made it yet. I love Ikatee patterns and have several in my collection which I haven’t made yet! I did have to trace the pattern, not my favourite job but I recently bought a tracing wheel and some carbon paper which made the job fairly quick. I cut a size 6 with size 7 length on the body to allow for some growing room.


The fabric washed really well and was very stable to work with when cutting and sewing. It has a white backing which can be seen on the ruffles sometimes.


The pattern has several options for finishing the ruffles, I chose to hem with a narrow zigzag for a neat finish, although a narrow overlocked edge could also look nice. I sewed all the seams then overlocked the edges. You could just overlock them too.


My daughter finds the sweatshirt very comfortable and has chosen it to wear quite a few times after school already!


I had already bought some fabric from Pin and Sew during her opening sale (this one has sold out but there are plenty of other striped jerseys here!) and made myself a quick Mandy Boat Tee this week as well! It is a free pattern and is a very versatile basic. It comes in one size only so I decided to make a mark one inch in at the top and bottom of the edge of the front and back pattern pieces and aligned the fold of my fabric with this line. This meant that the pieces were two inches narrower (four inches reduced all round in total). This made it the perfect size for me, the original size would have been too wide in the neckline and the shoulders. I do find the sleeves a comfortable but slim fit so I can imagine they would be too tight for some. Next time I’d increase the sleeve length by 2-3 inches for a full length sleeve as well, but I’m happy to have another good every day top in my wardrobe!


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