Fat Quarterly Retreat this weekend!

I am really looking forward to the Fat Quarterly Retreat,  which is being held this weekend. I have signed up for the Portholes workshop with Lucie Summers on Saturday morning, and the Purse frame workshop in the afternoon. I’ve got all my supplies (I think) and have been trying to get a few projects finished this week as we will be going on holiday the next day! It will be a great opportunity to meet other quilters and see everyone’s projects in real life. I also really like the ethos of being inclusive which is reassuring!

Sadly,  my camera is 200 miles away as it was put in the wrong car after a weekend away and has ended up in Manchester. I am hoping I will get it back in time to photograph the retreat (and my trip to Turkey!).

HST Mini Quilt and LMQG May Meeting

We had our May LMQG  meeting today, and our ‘Show and Tell’ homework was to prepare our mini quilts on the theme of modern quilting, with the opportunity to exhibit at John Lewis in Oxford Street for the 12 favourites as voted by members.

I had the idea of using my Little Folks voile and Kona coal to make a half square triangle quilt. I once bought a whole pile of precut squares but unfortunately they were not cut accurately so they were no use for a charm square quilt which is what I had originally planned (fortunately the seller refunded me).  I love some of the HST mini quilts I’ve seen on Flickr and recently read about this technique which I used to make the quilt. I decided to iron the triangles instead of marking the diagonal lines, as it was faster and more accurate for me.  The finished squares were a bit smaller than expected so I ended up making 64 squares to create this 12×12″ mini quilt.

The finished mini quilt. I originally planned to quilt the horizontal lines too but undid all the stitches as I felt the diagonals looked better.

Michael has some convenient hooks in his shop the perfect size for hanging mini quilts, so I tested the effect!

Tricolette is full of wonderful yarn as well as fabric, I have my eye on the Rowan Fine Lace. I just ended up with a few purple and orange fat quarters for my Patchwork Prism quilt. 

We also had a haberdashery swap and I ended up with a lovely selection of buttons, bobble trim (which I LOVE!) and some fabric.

Just a quick reminder about the LMQG giveawayGlenroy Designs are giving away some beautiful Laura Gunn fabric and there is just time to enter still!

Sewing Kit from Zakka Style

I made this sewing kit which I have seen popping up on blogs and Flickr as part of the Zakka Style sew along. I haven’t really needed a sewing kit before because I rarely sew outside my home but since joining the London Modern Quilt Guild I have realised it would be helpful to have one handy. I was sent this beautiful rustic looking piece of linen by Uniqueshiny a while ago as an extra gift in my package. It measured about 12″ by 10″ so was just big enough to cut out the pieces for the outer fabric and pockets, although I did make the pieces slightly narrower.

I used a print from the Loulouthi collection by Anna Maria Horner for the lining. I wasn’t a huge fan of this collection at first but it has really grown on me and I ended up purchasing some from Misformake recently (it’s on sale at the moment). The pocket binding is made from a scrap of Loulouthi Velveteen from The Village Haberdashery. it would have helped to cut the velveteen 1/4″ wider to allow for the additional thickness as it was a bit difficult to work with, I trimmed my seam allowance to 1/8″ to allow for this which worked ok. I just noticed I sewed one of the lining pieces on wrong side out which is a bit annoying, as the seam is not as neat as the other side, but I think I will leave it as it is for now.

I used grosgrain ribbon instead of leather as I didn’t have any to hand. A double faced ribbon is necessary for this pattern and I thought it looked neater to lay the ribbons over each other instead of side by side as is suggested for the leather.

It now contains scissors, thread, pins, needles, a seam ripper and measuring tape – the perfect sewing kit and it only took an hour!

London MQG Workshop with Lucie Summers

I travelled to beautiful Suffolk on Sunday for a workshop with Lucie Summers, who kindly hosted a screenprinting workshop for the London Modern Quilt Guild. I have admired Lucie’s work for a long time now, and own a little bit of the Avenue print which I have hoarded since 2008!  The weather was terrible (driving rain), so I did have a what-have-I-got-myself-into moment on the 80-mile journey but was immediately made welcome by Lucie and the other MQG members.

Lucie screenprints her fabric in her studio, which is a beautiful light-filled space.

The stunning improv quilt (and Summersville yardage!)

Isn’t it deliciously colourful?

Lucie ran through how to make the screens – a much simpler process than I had expected! She then demonstrated how to make one, before we all got stuck in.

Guild members busy making their screenprinted quilt labels.

Screenprinting patterns.

We took over most of the available floor and table space! After lunch and some more screenprinting, we looked at the award-winning ‘Portholes’ quilt made by Lucie and her mother.

The free machine quilting is stunning.

Lucie’s portholes technique, with her screenprinted fabrics.

This wall in the studio is packed with colourful inspiring pieces.

We had a wonderful day and learned so much!