2010 Goals

I think it will be useful to write down some of my plans for this year, as last year I didn’t get as much done as planned. I did do my first craft fair, and open my Etsy shop, so that was a massive leap for me, as well as improving my photography a lot, but on the other hand, I hardly did any proper knitting – or at least, I didn’t finish much!

So the plan for this year is as follows:

Quilts! I am planning three quilts to start with –

1. Momo Wonderland – the most gorgeous print ever, I have been in love with it for ages, but finally got round to buying some as I was economising last year after my mat pay ran out! It is sold out almost everywhere. The UK fabric shops are extortionate in comparison to US ones, so I only got three half yards, but I managed to get hold of a jelly roll which was the cutest thing imaginable! I’ve got three blocks done, another 9 to go.

2. Good Folks quilt

3. Little Folks quilt – everyone’s favourite new line, and it is utterly beautiful. My mum really thought it was silk! I wasn’t sure how it would work as a quilt fabric, but this is amazing.

4. Crochet blanket like this

5. Some goodies for the neglected shop

6. Another Designers’ Guild cushion for my living room

7. Stripey seat cushions for the hard kitchen chairs.

8. The other curtain – one of the pair has been up for, I don’t know..two months?

9. Some clothes for me using the Stylish Dress Book and Little Folks voile

10. A cardigan or two.

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